Call for Abstracts

    Important dates

    • Submission of abstracts - CLOSED
    • Notification of acceptance for December submissions - 15 January 2024
    • Early registration and Active Participants registration deadline 15 February 2024

    Submitting Abstracts

    • Authors are invited to submit abstracts on any of the given track.
    • All abstracts will be reviewed by members of the Scientific Committee or appointed reviewers.
    • Accepted abstracts will be published in the conference proceedings.
    • The organisers will publish only the abstracts submitted by authors who have settled their registration fee by 15 February 2024.

    Submission Guidelines

    All abstracts must be submitted only via the online form, which can be accessed after a submitter has created a new user account with an e-mail address and password.
    Authors will be notified about the receipt of their abstract by e-mail immediately. If you have not received a confirmation within 24 hours, please check your spam folder, and after this contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
    Authors will have access to their abstracts until the deadline, and will have the possibility to edit abstracts with draft status, or submit new ones.
    All correspondence concerning the abstract will be sent to the submitting author’s e-mail address.

    Method of Submission

    • Authors are invited to submit abstracts on any of the provided themes.
    • Abstracts must be submitted and presented in clear English with accurate grammar and spelling of a quality suitable for publication.
    • The abstracts’ body/text must be structured into to sections: Background, Aim, Methods, Results, Discussions and Conclusions, References. It is necessary to define the thematic area of the abstracts. 
    • The abstracts’ body may not exceed a maximum of 500 words. Tables and/or figures are not accepted as part of the abstract.
    • We accept research works or parts of research that have not yet been published or accepted for a publication elsewhere.
    • You can submit up to 2 Abstract per presenter.
    • The presenting author must be registered within the pre-registration period. 

    Scientific Topics


    • Rehabilitation after Stroke
    • Rehabilitation after Acquired Brain Injury and Diseases
    • Rehabilitation after Spinal Cord Injury
    • Rehabilitation of persons with Multiple Sclerosis
    • Rehabilitation of persons with Parkinson`s disease and other movement disorders
    • Rehabilitation of persons with adult motor neuron disease
    • Rehabilitation of persons with peripheral neuropathy and myopathies
    • Rehabilitation in Osteoarthritis 
    • Rehabilitation in Spine Disorders
    • Scoliosis and other spine deformities
    • Rehabilitation after multiple trauma disorders
    • Upper extremity soft tissue disorders
    • Lower extremity soft tissue disorders
    • Hand & foot OA disorders
    • Rehabilitation and prevention of Osteoporosis
    • Rehabilitation of the patients with Rheumatic diseases
    • Cardiac Rehabilitation
    • Rehabilitation of persons with respiratory dysfunction
    • Rehabilitation of persons with Cancer diagnoses
    • Rehabilitation of persons with Vascular diseases
    • Rehabilitation perspective in Transplantation medicine
    • Rehabilitation of persons with sequelae of Covid-19


    • Electrodiagnostic Evaluation of peripheral nervous system
    • Gait and walking analysis
    • Imaging Techniques related to rehabilitation
    • Diagnostic Ultrasound
    • Functional based assesment and goal setting 
    • Systematically Assesing and Improving the Quality and Outcomes of Rehabilitation Programs through Evidence Based Medicine


    • Evidence based Practice in Rehabilitation & Clinical trials outcomes
    • Neural Repair and Plasticity
    • Regenerative Medicine: Implications for Rehabilitation
    • Advances in Robotic Rehabilitation
    • Telerehabilitation
    • Artificial intelligence


    • Treatment of the persons with Chronic Pain Conditions
    • Treatment of Spasticity and Muscle overactivity
    • Solutions for Neurogenic Bladder and Bowel
    • Treatment of Pressure Ulcers and Skin problems
    • Psychological aspects of Rehabilitation
    • Speech, Language, Swallowing and Auditory Rehabilitation
    • Return to community  - social work & care management
    • Sexuality and Disability
    • Vocational rehabilitation – return to work strategies
    • Ethical Issues in Rehabilitation Medicine


    • Balneology
    • Aquatic rehabilitation
    • Functional Electrical Stimulation / Biofeedback
    • Therapeutic Physical Agents
    • Pharmacotherapy of Disability
    • Injection procedures


    • Sports medicine - prevention and rehabilitation
    • Physical activity and sport for persons with disabilities
    • Rehabilitation in Pediatric population – Children with disabilities
    • Adults with child onset disabling conditions
    • Aging and Rehabilitation
    • Primary care for Persons with Disability
    • Rehabilitation aspects in Palliative Medicine
    • Complementary and Alternative medicine


    • Upper extremity - prosthetics
    • Upper extremity - orthotics and functional aids
    • Lower extremity - prosthetics
    • Lower extremity – orthotics, shoes and gait aids
    • Spinal orthotics
    • Wheelchair technology and clinical applications
    • Driving in persons with disability – assesment and adaptations
    • »Smart« solutions for independent living

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